Kidding Herself is written by Herself, a five-year-old pre-schooler, and is a child’s guide to going out in and around Moscow, Russia, which is where she lives now, and London, England, which is where she lived until recently.

Herself moved to Moscow with her British Mama, her Russian Papa and her AngloRusski Big Brother in the summer of 2015 and is currently experiencing the joys of the Russian education system. There are beds in the nursery. After a brief misunderstanding where she thought that meant she was being abandoned in some kind of orphanage, Herself has consented to try it out. Probably because they give her cocoa at around 8.30am every other morning.

When not at Detskii Sad, Herself finds herself being taken about a lot by a Mama who thinks that wandering around an art gallery with two under tens in tow is an excellent way to stave off the boredom of childcare.

Sometimes Herself also gets to visit somewhere a bit more child friendly too. Usually this involves animals becauseĀ Herself’s AngloRusski Big Brother likes animals. Any animals. All animals. He is not interested in anything that isn’t about animals.

Herself likes horses, horses, her scooter, horses, my Little Pony cartoons, rice cakes, horses, drawing, horses, getting her own way, horses, horses, those many many endless clips of inexplicably adult people opening toys on YouTube, cats and horses. Her ambition is to be a princess, which her Mama says is clearly the result of watching far too much TV.

She dislikes water for the purposes of actually getting clean, but absolutely adores getting wet with all her clothes on.


Unless otherwise stated, all excursions have been undertaken at the pestering of us kids or the whimsy of Mama and Papa and at our own expense.

Contact Herself and her Mama at kiddingherself@yahoo.co.uk


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