My Liebster Award

So Tor from the wonderfully named Tea Cup Toria tagged Kidding Herself with a Liebster Award, which is terribly flattering and fabulous.Liebster

Now this award does not involve an acceptance speech. Relax.

It involves other things though.

Firstly, because it is all about smallish blogs getting to know each other better and passing a bit of linky love about, the idea is to link back to the person who nominated you, and choose up to 11 people to nominate in return.

There doesn’t seem to be a massive consensus of opinion about how you choose the people other than thinking they are awesome of course, but 11 is a bit of a theme in the Liebster Award apparently, so I have tried to pick blogs with less than 1100 followers.

Although I haven’t spent a vast amount of time researching exactly how many followers everybody has across all their accounts.

They are all very cool though.

Then you give 11 random facts about yourself.

And then answer 11 questions set by your nominator.

And! Think up 11 questions for everybody you’ve tagged to answer.

So no pressure at all there, people! Actually, really no pressure. It’s only for fun, and only if you want to. No spooky supernatural things will happen if you break the chain. Nope, none.

Without further ado, here are Mama’s answers to Tor’s questions. She insisted on taking over. Feels a bit left out normally I expect. Once again a big thank you to Tor, who is worth visiting for the cartoons alone.

11 random facts about Mama Herself

I am not at all Scottish. I am a little bit Welsh, Irish and French via the Channel Islands, and quite a lot Anglo Saxon English. My Granny claimed I am descended from William the Conquerer, which is nice.

I used to play the double bass. My favourite double bass joke goes like this: The conductor found an oboist and a bass player having a punch up. After she broke it up, she asked what the problem was. ‘He stamped on my reed!’ said the oboist, indignantly. ‘That’s nothing,’ howled the bassist. ‘He detuned one of my strings. And he won’t tell me which one!’

Russians are always surprised I am English if they don’t know me. They used to always assume I am from somewhere like Serbia or Poland. Back in the day, I used to take this as a complement about my accent, but in fact I am pretty sure it is because I spoke a language which sounded a bit like Russian, but which they didn’t understand.

Now my Russian is much better and Russian speakers assume I am Latvian. I sound decidedly like someone who learned the language at school and promptly forgot most of it. The improvement is entirely because of talking about my children with my MiL and other expats. It is important not to try to talk to me about anything else in Russian because I only have the vocabulary for comparing poo.

I am an avid reader of urban fantasy. Except Twilight. I recommend Ilona Andrews, Karen Chance, Kim Harrison and Stacia Kane.

My favourite colour is green. It is a source of constant surprise to me that my kids like orange and yellow. Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy?

I have only ever once done any redecoration in a house or flat I have lived in. I just move when the décor starts to get too tired. It’s looking like it might be that time again.

I really like Formula 1 motor racing (Lewis Hamilton is from Stevenage, you know). I was twice mentioned by Martin Brundle on the BBC F1 show. I was ‘someone having a moan on twitter’ and then ‘someone who is wrong on the Internet’. It was regarding the correct pronunciation of a Russian driver’s name (I so was not wrong). Not Kvyat. Nobody on earth can pronounce Kvyat’s name convincingly.

I know quite a lot about First World War memorials in the UK and the early modern Venetian system of government.

Obviously I am a fan of Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. I think my favourite book of his is actually The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul (Norse gods and a double bass player bit character, what’s not to like?). I’ve been a member of the writing community he founded for nearly 15 years, but my sticking power there has very little to do with the great man himself, although you should check out his entry on tea sometime. Anyway, hence, y’know, the tie ins here.

Mama Herself’s answers to Tor’s questions

1. What was your first ever job?

I stacked shelves. In a library. It was great. Except the perk was that I could get unlimited numbers of books out without ever paying a fine. This has had a terrible effect on my ability to get library books back on time ever since. They should name shelves after me these days, the amount I have paid in fines.

  1. When did you start blogging and what do you love about it?

Kidding Herself has been going about a year, although I had the idea a year or two before that. I like having an extra incentive for dragging the kids out and about, especially to places which aren’t necessarily child friendly, and also, while we are there, I like having something to think about beyond just trying to stop the little blighters from wrecking the joint.

  1. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?

Well, obviously, Moscow is pretty much top of the list, but in no particular order also Germany, Finland, somewhere in South America and Canada.

  1. Countryside, city or beach?

Countryside. Unfortunately my husband is an unrepentant city dweller who is fascinated by beaches.

  1. If you were a character from Sex & The City, which one would you be?

Miranda probably, although I am not as driven as her.

  1. What do you do in ‘real life’?

I teach English as a foreign language, which has no bearing on my ability to spell or proof read, do as I say not as I do is my motto, and look after my children.

  1. What’s your favourite cake?

There’s a Russian cake called ‘polyot’ or ‘flight’ which is peanut encrusted meringue sandwiched together with cream. That.

  1. What’s your favourite tipple?

Coffee! I do also like red wine, vodka and beer, depending on the situation and the company, but it’s coffee I fantasize about. Herself is entirely correct about this.

  1. You have a day off from the kids, all to yourself…how would you spend it?

I’d go clothes shopping, which is not something people who know me will be expecting. But clothes shopping is one of the few things I never do with the children about, and so once or twice a year I like to skive off to Westfield and spend all day there. For the sheer novelty value.

  1. If you were given £10,000 what would you do with it?

Keep it.

  1. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie. Which is not to say that I have anything against Jennifer Aniston. She seems very nice. But Angelina Jolie seems a bit, let us say, eccentric, and that appeals to me more.

Here are Mama Herself’s questions

When did you start blogging and why?

Give us your top blogging tip.

Have you done anything because of blogging that you wouldn’t have otherwise done?

Recommend one place to go for a day out near you. Why that place?

Tell us about a memorable day out when you were a child.

What is your pet hate?

Summer, spring, autumn or winter?

What would your spirit animal be?

Are you a cat person, a dog person or do you prefer fish?

Name a historical figure who interests you. Why that person?

50 Shades of Grey: yes or no?

Mama Herself’s nominees for the Liebster award

The section you have all been waiting for! See above for da rulz, but I am sure you can play a bit fast and loose with them should you so wish. All nominations certainly constitute endorsements.

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  1. Thanks for the tag, good to read more about you 🙂 I’m pretty behind at the moment with my blogging (I’m just starting another blog as well) but I’ll answer them soon. By the way, do you think Lewis Hamilton has visited Stevenage Museum?!

    1. Well, he did live in Stevenage and go to school there so it is well within the realms of possibility.

      No worries about timing! Took me a while to get a round to it as well!

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